VIVO products results from over 10 years of applied research on the use of interactive media technologies in embedded systems.
The research, conducted within the framework of the University of University of Kent (UK), and the University of Roma Tor vergata,
and currently at the University of California Irvine (USA), is lead by Dr. Fabio Paolizzo.
In 2015, an early commercial trial of the research was awarded by the call Cultura Futura and awarded with POR FESR Lazio 2007-2013 funding, for the development of hardware and software products with interactive and cross-media features (VIVO+ project).

VIVO is currently marketed by a business enterprise comprising: Itac srl (spin off of cultural foundation Ugo Spirito Renzo De Felice), Dott. Fabio Paolizzo, Cooperativa Punto e a Capo

Itac srl, Piazza delle Muse 25, 00197 Roma – Fiscal Code 12272651006